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Recent corporate failures, political pressure, and developments in law and regulation have increased the focus of shareholders and other stakeholders on what companies report in the ‘front half’ of their annual report. Providing financial and non-financial information to support the financial statements and provide users with confidence in the quality and sustainability of financial performance, the ‘front half’ comprises the:
  • strategic report
  • corporate governance report
  • directors’ report
  • directors’ remuneration report
Written by PwC’s UK Assurance Risk & Quality team, applicable to both quoted and unquoted UK companies and explains the ‘front half’ reporting requirements. Aimed at reporting for periods beginning on or after 1 January 2020, this Manual includes the 2020 update to the UK Corporate Governance Code, and the new Section 172 and stakeholder disclosure requirements. It will be of particular interest to finance directors, accountants, legal practitioners, financial advisors and auditors.
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  • Order as an ebook The Manual of accounting – Narrative reporting will soon be available for purchase as an ebook in the next coming weeks via the LexisNexis e-store. PwC staff should refer to the internal page as well as instructions on ordering discounted copies for clients.
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