A PDF version of this publication is attached here: US investor survey: Focus on sustainability (PDF 1.2mb)

In our new survey, US investors share their views on what companies should prioritize in the short and long term, from the macroeconomic environment to innovation to climate change. We highlight their perspectives and related expectations on climate change.

Economic uncertainty, geopolitics, and environmental and social concerns have left a deep mark on today’s business landscape, affecting consumers and companies alike. Our latest survey provides perspectives and insight into how investors believe companies should address those tensions — with a focus on where the critical issue of sustainability stands relative to others.
In fall 2022, we performed a global survey of 227 investors and analysts across 43 countries, and conducted in-depth interviews to gather additional, and more nuanced, insights. The views of the global respondents are analyzed in our report, The ESG execution gap: What investors think of companies’ sustainability efforts. This publication highlights the US results based on both the 132 responses from those who invest in US companies (US investors) and the 41 of those that are based within the US (US-based investors).
Unsurprisingly, we found that US investors want companies to keep a sharp focus on innovation and financial performance. They ranked those as their two highest near-term priorities for business, with reduction in greenhouse gas emissions coming lower. Over the next five years, however, investors expect the threats stemming from climate change and cybersecurity to rise. From business strategy to reporting to assurance, investors shared actions companies can take now to prepare for this longer-term risk today.

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