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While the SEC has proposed sweeping new climate-related disclosures, last year the SEC staff began a renewed focus on the quality and adequacy of climate-related disclosures under existing rules, specifically as detailed in the SEC’s 2010 interpretive release. These comments are largely focused on information related to climate change-related risks and opportunities that may be required in a company’s description of business, legal proceedings, risk factors, and management’s discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations. In these letters, the staff frequently commented on:
  • inconsistencies between a registrant’s corporate social responsibility report and its SEC filings;
  • the lack of disclosure in a registrant’s SEC filing of the risks, trends, and impact of climate change for the registrant and its business; and
  • the lack of disclosure in a registrant’s SEC filings related to pending, or existing climate-related legislation and regulations that could have a material impact on a registrant’s business.
Comment Examples
Guidance references
  • Please explain, in detail, how you determined that you do not have any material litigation risks related to climate change. In your response, please tell us how you considered providing disclosure addressing the possibility of litigation related to climate change and its potential impact.
  • We note that you included various Risk Factors that implicate potential climate change-related impacts, although climate change may not be specifically mentioned. Tell us how you considered providing disclosure that specifically mentions climate change.
  • As it relates to providing tailored disclosure, please explain in greater detail how the nature of your business supports your conclusion that pending or existing climate change-related legislation, regulations, and international accords will not have a material impact and the process through which existing or pending climate change-related legislation, regulations and international accords are evaluated. In addition, tell us how you considered addressing difficulties in assessing the timing and effect of pending legislation or regulation.
  • Please explain, in detail, how you determined that transition risks related to climate change are not expected to materially affect your business, financial condition, and results of operations. In your response, tell us about the specific transition risks you considered, including those noted in our prior comment.
  • We note that you provided more expansive disclosure in your CSR report than you provided in your SEC filings. Please advise us what consideration you gave to providing the same type of climate-related disclosure in your SEC filings as you provided in your CSR report.

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