A PDF version of the full publication is attached here: European Union regulations beyond CSRD (PDF 115kb)
This In the loop was updated in January 2024 to update information about recent activity related to the CSRD.
The European Green Deal is a package of policy initiatives introduced by the European Commission (EC) in December 2019. The Green Deal’s objectives are to achieve “no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, economic growth decoupled from resource use, and no person and no place left behind.” To deliver on these objectives, sustainable finance has been identified as a key differentiator, meaning that regulators believe that sustainability factors should be considered when financial and investment decisions are made, which they believe will lead to “more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects.”
What makes these regulations different from prior European Union (EU) directives is that the disclosure requirements extend to the operations of non-EU companies. And in some cases, an EU subsidiary would have to submit sustainability information for its non-EU parent company on a global consolidated basis. The mechanisms introduced by the Green Deal, and its February 2023 supplement, the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan, are designed to provide investors and other stakeholders with transparent sustainability information.
Many companies are already focused on one aspect of the Green Deal — the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). But the CSRD is far from the only EU regulation needing immediate attention. This publication details several other pressing and broadly applicable EU regulations that would also be newly applicable — or possibly already applicable — for both EU and non-EU companies.
This publication summarizes certain regulations that include an element of financial reporting or third-party assurance. Note, however, that it does not address all regulations derived or expected under the European Green Deal. Companies should work with counsel to make sure they understand all of the EU regulations with potential impact.
To read the full In the loop publication, download our PDF: European Union regulations beyond CSRD
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