ESG/Sustainability reporting

An increasing number of contingents extoll the merits of a new age of environmental consciousness. Investors and other stakeholders across the business see environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures as a window into a company’s future.

ESG podcasts

Insights from PwC

PwC’s Sustainable Value Governance

PwC's Sustainable Value Governance framework: an ESG framework that aligns ESG investments with long-term strategy and helps organizations build value-driven sustainability governance structures.

Nature and biodiversity: Measuring your impact for a stronger business and better world

As the implications of nature and biodiversity loss come into sharper focus, companies may consider these factors in their strategic decision-making.

How to digitally-enable your ESG reporting: PwC

Companies that are developing a sustainability data reporting strategy should consider putting ESG technology at the center of that effort.

ESG’s hinge moment in M&A: From risk to value

Reporting, which facilitates comparability across companies on ESG metrics, and stakeholder pressure will likely accelerate a shift from risk to value.

US Deals insights 30 January 2023 Read more

Is there forced labor in your supply chain?

Detect any forced labor in your supply chain before regulators, activists and investigative journalists find it. Here's how.

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