This document contains answers to questions frequently asked by Viewpoint users.
What is Viewpoint?
Viewpoint is a digital platform providing you with compelling accounting and business insights, all personalised for you. With powerful search, real-time updates and user-friendly sharing tools it helps you find and share the insights, intelligence and content when you need it. Viewpoint’s content includes hot topics hand-picked by PwC subject matter experts relating to technical audit and accounting.
How can I start researching a topic?
The  ‘Suggested for you’ and ‘Trending now’ sections on the home page are good starting points for key current content. To explore content on the site, click the Menu (three stacked lines at top left of homepage) to see the content areas appear in a drop-down menu.
How do I search?
Click on the search icon
in the top right corner of the site. The search bar will appear. When you start typing, suggested search terms and suggested guidance pop up, enabling you to get to where you want more quickly. On the search results screen, try filtering your results using the filters on the left hand side. For more details see below:
  • Suggested terms/type ahead
    : After typing in three letters, Viewpoint will begin to suggest search terms and narrow your focus to achieve better search results. Click on a suggested term to bring you to a search results page.
  • Suggested guidance
    : As you type in a search term, suggested guidance terms may be presented which have been curated by our subject matter experts. These are items that are frequently searched. If you find one that aligns to your need - click on the suggested guidance and Viewpoint will take you directly to the document.
  • Filters
    : On the search result page,you can further refine your results. Filter options will appear on the left side of the search results page. Click on the filters of interest and select ‘apply’ at the top of the filter column to narrow your results.
  • Change search results view
    : View search results by card (10 documents with title and abstract) or list (20 documents with title only) view. Sort results by relevance, publication date, revised date or alphabetically.
How do I find content related to the document I am viewing?
Use the ‘Table of contents’ (
three stacked lines under the breadcrumb) to see the full table of contents for the area that you are in. The ‘Table of contents’ is always contextual to where you are in Viewpoint as opposed to the Menu which remains consistent throughout Viewpoint.
Alternatively, the “related content” sidebar on the right-hand side of the page contains links to relevant content. Elements of the content sidebar include:
  • Related content: If there is any related content, this section will appear. It contains helpful links curated by subject matter experts to related content.Click on the arrows to get to the next related document and click ‘Go to content’ to open the document in its own window.
  • Resizable: the right sidebar can be expanded or reduced completely depending on user preference.
  • FAQs*: Contains PwC-curated frequently asked questions related to the content being viewed, if applicable.
How do I get back to the main contents menu?
The Menu (top left of homepage) or the Sitemap (bottom of page) are always visible no matter where you are on the site.
How do I navigate large documents such as accounting standards?
Skip to a new chapter/section of content with the Table of contents (TOC) feature. TOC is located in the top left corner, just above the content header for each page of content. This feature is especially helpful for movement within the Manual of Accounting or the standards. Or use the clickable ‘breadcrumb’ at the top of the document.
You can also click on 'Search within document' which allows you to search within the area of content you are reading, for example IFRS standards or the PwC Manuals of Accounting. To find within a page, use the search function within your browser (Ctrl+F).
What do I do if I see a blank page with no content?
Click on the 'Table of contents' (top left) to navigate further or click on the title by the 'Next' button (bottom right).
How can I access content from other territories?
At the top right of the screen are two-letter abbreviations for the territory/language you are currently viewing. Click on these to view other available territory content (access depends on your subscription).
At this time the French Viewpoint site is not available. In the meantime, please use Inform as the system of record for relevant French content.
How do I share content?
Click on the arrow icon
 next to the document title to share a page via email, LinkedIn or Twitter.
When I go to share a page via email, it launches Lotus Notes - how do I change this?
Click on your PC’s magnifying glass search icon and type “default apps” and select the Default apps icon (part of System settings)
Then click the icon beneath ‘Email’ and a list will appear allowing you to choose your default email app.
How do I print?
To print the page you are currently viewing, along with the table of contents, click the printer icon 
How do I personalise my homepage?
Click your name in the top right corner and select ‘Profile’ to set up or change your ‘Site and content preferences’. To set up your Profile:
  • Tick the box next to the country sites you wish to use. To set your default site, click on 'set as primary' next to the relevant site. All global content is automatically added to Canada, Ireland, and UK sites and hence if you select any of those sites you should not select Global as one of your territories.
  • Select your preferred language by checking the applicable box, as well as clicking on on 'set as primary'.
  • On the next screen, you can optionally select industries, topics, type of GAAP and GAAS. This will personalise the order of what is displayed on the home page. As Viewpoint develops, the personalisation will be AI-driven. It will get to know you and deliver the insights you need next across a broader range of topics.
The tutorial does not function after I log in, how can I view it?
Click on the ‘Tutorial’ link in the site footer.
I’m having issues with the Home page and text not appearing properly, and with the buttons on the Profile pages, what can I do?
These are known issues with Internet Explorer, please use the Google Chrome browser.
How do I use Viewpoint on my mobile or tablet?
Simply navigate to on your mobile device. On tablets, Viewpoint is best optimised in portrait mode.
What further help resources are available?
  • Read the Realising the benefits guide for more information on Viewpoint’s key benefits and features.
  • See the Quick Reference card for tips on searching and navigating Viewpoint.
  • Do the introductory Viewpoint tutorial - click on the ‘Tutorial’ link in the site footer.
I’m a company administrator for my company, how do I add / delete a user?
As a company administrator you can add, modify and delete users for your company using Viewpoint's user management system. You can also view your company usage and export this into a report. Please refer to our ‘Quick reference card for company administrators’ for more information. Access Viewpoint’s User Management System (UMS) via this link, using your Viewpoint login details.
Who do I contact if I need further help or have a suggestion?
We welcome your feedback. Click on 'Contact us' and/or ‘Provide detailed feedback’ on the bottom of the screen. Please note that because Viewpoint is in its first release, there are some areas still under construction which we expect to have finalised or fixed soon.
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Welcome to Viewpoint, the new platform that replaces Inform. Once you have viewed this piece of content, to ensure you can access the content most relevant to you, please confirm your territory.

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