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A reporting entity that accounts for its nonretirement postemployment benefit plans by analogy to ASC 715 should generally provide the disclosures required by ASC 715, as discussed in FSP 13.3.6, if applicable. All other reporting entities should account for its nonretirement postemployment benefit plans in accordance with the guidance in ASC 712, Compensation—Nonretirement Postemployment Benefits.

13.6.1 Termination benefits

As discussed in ASC 712-10-50-1 and ASC 715-20-50-1(q), a reporting entity that provides contractual or special termination benefits should disclose a description of the nature of the event giving rise to the benefit, and the cost recognized during the year.
SAB Topic 5.P.4, Restructuring Charges (codified in ASC 420-10-S99-2), indicates that the SEC staff expect similar disclosures for employee termination benefits, whether those costs have been recognized pursuant to ASC 420, Exit or Disposal Cost Obligations, ASC 712, or ASC 715. See FSP 11 for discussion of disclosure requirements associated with exit or disposal costs.

13.6.2 Other postemployment benefits

If a reporting entity has a significant obligation for a postemployment benefit cost that was not accrued only because it cannot reasonably be estimated, then it should disclose that fact.

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