Compensation and employee benefits

Compensation and employee benefits may be provided in many different forms. The accounting is unique to the type of benefit provided and can be complex.

Compensation and employee benefits podcasts

Insights from PwC

Domestic SPAC mergers - financial reporting and accounting considerations

Accounting for SPAC merger transactions can be complex. We discuss common accounting and financial reporting issues in our In depth.

US In depth 2021-01 25 January 2021 | Updated 26 September 2022 Click here

COVID-19: Restructuring questions, answered

As many companies make difficult decisions around employee layoffs and restructuring, hear PwC discuss some of the accounting considerations.

US Podcast 05 May 2020 Click here

Accounting for pension plans: Back to the basics with 5 things to know

PwC discusses what you need to know about accounting for defined benefit pension plans, including: remeasurement, recognizing costs, and significant interim events.

US Podcast 27 November 2019 Click here

Accounting for stock compensation: 5 things you need to know

Stock comp accounting: We’re going back to basics with the 5 things you need to know.

US Podcast 08 May 2019 Click here

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