Viewpoint is PwC’s global platform for timely, relevant accounting and business knowledge. A modern experience with real-time updates, predictive search functionality, PwC curated content pages and user-friendly sharing features, Viewpoint helps you find the insights and content you need when you need it.

Accessing Viewpoint

Who can use Viewpoint?

External users will be able to browse the home page and our PwC-authored content at no cost. Access to US standard setter content and the PwC SEC Volume is now available at no cost to any registered user. A separate license is required for non-US content.

How do I register my profile on Viewpoint?

Follow these simple registration steps to access additional Viewpoint content:
If you are a new external user:
•   Navigate to the Viewpoint homepage
•   Click “Register” on the top right
•   Complete your user profile, choose and confirm a password, and click “Register”
•   After clicking “Finish,” you will receive the following popup, and an activation email will be sent to your registered email address from viewpoint-noreply@pwc.com. Activate your Viewpoint account using the activation link in the email. The activation link is live for 48 hours; after 48 hours, access Viewpoint using the link in the activation email and at the bottom of the prompt click on “request new activation link”  to have a new license activation email sent to you.

How do I login on Viewpoint?

If you are already registered on PwC.com, or are a returning external user that has already registered with Viewpoint:
•   Navigate to the Viewpoint homepage
•   Click “Sign in” on the top right. Do not click “Register”
•   Enter your email address, then password and click “Submit”
If you are an external user whose company already has Single Sign On access to PwC applications
•   Navigate to the Viewpoint homepage
•   Click “Sign in” on the top right. Do not to click “Register”
•   Enter your email, and click "Next"
Forgot password?
•   Navigate to the Viewpoint homepage
•   Click “Sign in” on the top right. Do not click "Register"
•   Enter your email address and click "Next"
•   Choose "Need help?"".
•   Verify your email, then choose "Next"
•   An email will be sent to your email address
If you are a PwC user:
•   Navigate to the Viewpoint homepage
•   Click “Sign in” on the top right. Do not click “Register”
•   Your login will be automatically detected after you choose "Sign in".
Two step validation for your account
When you log in for the first time through the new PwC Identity login system, you may be asked “Would you like to secure your account with additional information?” If you click “Yes” you will be asked to input your mobile phone number and then verify it. If you click “No” you will be redirected to Viewpoint and will not be shown this option the next time you login.

How do I manage my user profile and preferences?

To set up your user profile, navigate to the homepage and select “Hello (your first name)” at the top right corner of the page and click “Profile.” Complete the three quick profile sections.
•   The first pop-up will be prefilled based on the information provided during registration. Click “Continue” to move to the next section.
•   The next pop-up will allow you to set “ Preferences.” The application allows you to select multiple countries to enable cross territory content search, as well as languages, if desired. When selecting multiple countries or languages, select which one should be the primary country / language by clicking the text “set as primary?”

General features

Can I print the full document?

On the page of content you are looking to print, select the “Download and Print document” icon
. This will allow you to view the document in its entirety (unless it is over 250 pages). Please note, for documents over 250 pages (Accounting Guides, etc.), you will only be able to download and print a chapter at a time. Our content is updated regularly so we recommend accessing the live content on Viewpoint to ensure you are using the most current content.

What is Side-by-Side View?

This view is a read only, scrollable view of a document from a link or a search preview of section of content. When you select "Side-by-side view" from a link in the content, the page will be launched as a split screen. The content with the link is on the left side and the linked content is in the right side.
The title for the file you were viewing is displayed in the orange banner and the title of the linked file is displayed in the black banner. You can return to the file you were reviewing by clicking "Back to the Original document" in the top left corner.
When selecting "Preview search results" in Search, you will also see a "Side-by-side" view of content. The list of search results is in the left side and a preview of the content is in the right side.  The file on the right is read only but the navigation buttons are active in the top right. (Go to content, Copy link and Share via Email.)

How can I combine multiple sections into one page view?

Select Join view
The Join view feature allows you to join pages of content together into one view. When the Join view feature is available, this icon
is displayed in the Tools menu.
Join view will open in a new tab and display more content on a page, such as a chapter or numbered section of some large publications. Lower levels are combined into a single page. When the content opens in the new tab, you will view the content at the position your cursor was when selecting the join view icon.

How can I search within a joined page view?

With a joined view page open, enter a search term in the tools menu, then click the search button. You will begin to see matching results after entering at least three characters of a matching term. The matching results will be highlighted in the document. Use the navigation arrows to navigate through the results.

How can I view links from a joined page?

Hover over a link in a joined page, and click the text “Side-by-side view”. The link will open on the right side of the browser tab in a read only split view.

How do I share content?

Sharing content via email, X, or LinkedIn can be done with a click of a button. Navigate to the page of content you would like to share and select the arrow icon next to the title
. This action will allow for sharing links; however, the person receiving the link will need to have appropriate access rights to the site, based on the content being shared (i.e., registered and licensed content will not be available to those who have not registered on Viewpoint, or hold a current license, respectively).

How do I use My favorites?

Mark any piece of content while navigating or searching by using the
, which is available on content, landing, home, and search pages. You may mark up to 25 pieces of content as a favorite. Access your “My favorites” list by pulling down the drop down list and selecting “View all favorites”.

Finding content & navigating within a document

How do I search for content on Viewpoint?

Select the magnifying glass/Search in the top right corner of the site and begin your search.
Viewpoint optimizes your search experience with the following features:
Suggested terms/type ahead: After typing in three letters, Viewpoint will begin to suggest search terms and narrow your focus to achieve better search results. Click on the suggested term to bring you to a search results page.
Suggested guidance: For frequently searched terms, as you type in a search term there will be suggested guidance presented at the top of the search results that are curated to give an accurate search term. If you find one that aligns to your need, click on the suggested guidance boxes and Viewpoint will take you directly to a content page.
Search results options
After entering a term or phase in search, you will be presented with three "View" options, "10", "20" and "Preview search results".
View 10: Gives you 10 results on the page with abstract details, content type and date.
View 20: Gives you 20 results on the page without the abstract detail.
Preview search results: Gives you a side-by-side view with a list of results on the left and the selected file is scrollable in the right window.
Filters: On the search results page, there is an opportunity to further refine your results. You will find content category filters on the top of the search results page and various facet filters on the left side of the search results page accessible by clicking on the filter button.
Category filters: Perform a search, then select one or more of the category filters to narrow your results.
Filters: Click on the filers of interest and select “Apply Filter” at the top of the filter column to narrow your results.
Card/list view: You may view search results by card (10), which includes a description of the content, or opt for a list (20) view. You can elect to sort the results by relevance to you.

How do I navigate to content pages on Viewpoint?

In addition to the search feature, you may navigate to desired content using the navigation (hamburger) menu at the top left of the homepage, or using the Sitemap at the bottom of the homepage, both of which are always visible no matter where you are on the site.
Dynamic lists: Our navigation enables listing of our frequently published and most visited article content.
Table of Contents: If the Table of Contents is not present, clicking on the Table of Contents icon opens a Side-by-side view and highlights the current content selected.
Use the "+" and "–" to navigate the branches in the Table of Contents. You can control the size of the side view by clicking and dragging this icon
or close by clicking the
Navigating via links:  When hovering over links in Viewpoint you will see the choice of "Go to content" or "Side-by-side". You can click on the link or the option "Go to content" to launch the file linked or you can click on the option "Side-by-side view" to launch the content in a split window.
Using the next and previous option: In addition, you can navigate through the content via the previous and next features. Move from one chunk of the content to the previous or next using this bar found at the bottom of a content page when the Table of Contents is hidden.
Search within a document: Viewpoint allows users to search within the current section. Select the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the section
You can search across the entire document or narrow your search within a chapter or section within the "Search within section" popup.

How do I navigate Related content?

Related content can be found on the right hand sidebar of certain content pages. Leverage this feature to find relevant related content to enhance your experience, including helpful links curated by PwC professionals.
Vertical collapse and expand: Used to open the section or collapse it back to its default state.
Scrolling Related content: Use the scroll arrows to navigate through each piece of Related content, where applicable.
Horizontal collapse and expand: Used for a better view of the Related content sidebar. Using this option will enlarge the sidebar to cover 50% of the content page.
Opening and closing the Related Content panel: In the toggle bar, use the
option to fully close out the sidebar. Click the
option to see it again.

How can I access IFRS and other non-US content?

You can navigate to Global Viewpoint sites by clicking “US/EN,” located under the search icon. A drop down will appear that will link you to the Global Viewpoint sites.
You can also use the search function to access other territory content directly within the US search results page by updating your profile territory preference to include the “Global” territory site. Revisiting the search page after enabling this in your preference will allow you to see content from Global territory.

I’m a company administrator for my company, how do I add / delete a user?

As a company administrator you can add, modify and delete users for your company using Viewpoint's user management system. You can also view their usage and export this into a report. Please refer to our ‘Quick reference card for company administrators’ for more information. Access Viewpoint’s User Management System (UMS) via this link using your Viewpoint login details.

Device and browser compatibility

•   Viewpoint is accessible on most devices. Chrome and Safari are the preferred browsers. For best results, please use the following compatible devices: iPhone 8 and above; iPhone OS iOS 13 and above; iPad Mini and above; iPad OS iOS 12.4 and above; or Android OS (Version 8 and above).
•   Viewpoint works on Microsoft Edge (latest versions). It also works on IE 11; however, you may experience some cut off of page borders. We are working to correct this.
•   To access Viewpoint on your mobile device, navigate to viewpoint.pwc.com. While using an iPhone or iPad, please use the Safari browser for optimal performance.
•   In the event, you have difficulties accessing content on Viewpoint, please log out of Viewpoint and then log back in. If this does not resolve the issue, please:
Log out of Viewpoint again and clear the cache on your browser.
–  If using Chrome, you can do this by clicking the three dots at the top right then > 'More tools' > ‘Clear browsing data’ > tick box beside "Cached images and files" > click 'Clear data'.
–  If using Safari, Edge, or another browser, check its support site for instructions to clear cache.
Log back in to Viewpoint to check if access is restored.

Contact Viewpoint Support

For technical assistance, contact Viewpoint support at: US_Viewpoint.support@pwc.com. For license assistance, contact us_product-licensing-support@pwc.com. Feedback can be provided through a Google Form located at the bottom of the Viewpoint site, also accessible here.
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Welcome to Viewpoint, the new platform that replaces Inform. Once you have viewed this piece of content, to ensure you can access the content most relevant to you, please confirm your territory.

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