How do I license Viewpoint?
There are three types of content access levels:
• General Access - This content is available to anyone who visits the Viewpoint site
• Premium - This content is available to users who register for a complimentary Viewpoint account.
• Licensed - This content requires an annual paid subscription. To request a paid license, complete the request form
How do I register as a user?
If you are a new external user:
• Navigate to the Viewpoint homepage
• Click “Register” on the top right
• Complete your user profile, choose and confirm a password, and click “Register”
• After clicking “Finish,” you will receive the following popup, and an activation email will be sent to your registered email address from Activate your Viewpoint account using the activation link in the email. The activation link is live for 48 hours; after 48 hours, access Viewpoint using the link in the activation email and at the bottom of the prompt click on “request new activation link” to have a new license activation email sent to you.
Annual licensing fee for Viewpoint
Viewpoint is PwC’s information service for all of our thought leadership and technical materials. Viewpoint’s licensing model is user-based, meaning all users on a license require an individual license.
Current Viewpoint pricing is as follows:
Incremental price for content license per user
No. of licenses
Global/International Content 1(global IFRS content only, no UK)
Canada Content 2
UK Content 2 (UK GAAP & IFRS for the UK content)
Japan Content 3
Subject to change. Pricing based on current exchange rates where applicable.
Registered users can access all US GAAP and US GASB related content on Viewpoint, including content such as the FASB Codification, by logging into their Viewpoint account. If you do not have a Viewpoint account, you can request a complementary account by clicking “Register” in the top right of the main US site.
Total license fees will be impacted by the number and type of licenses so you should carefully assess your license needs. Remember that you can still access all PwC content without paying for a license.
1 Includes IFRS and International Auditing Standards
2 Content incorporates relevant IFRS materials. Subscribers to this content must also license the Global/International content (please note that we will no longer be offering Australia and Netherlands content on Viewpoint).
3 Japan content is in the Japanese language
Disclosure Checklist users
If you hold a license to Disclosure Checklist, you will still be able to access the links to technical content in Viewpoint. To access most technical content, a Viewpoint license is not required. However, if you are trying to access non-US related content, a Viewpoint license is required. Disclosure Checklist users that do not have a license to Viewpoint will still be able to use Disclosure Checklist.
How do I activate my Viewpoint License?
New Viewpoint users will receive a welcome email once their license has been activated. The email will include the license details and instructions on how to begin using your license.
Any questions, please reach out to the US Licensing Team.
I’m a company administrator for my company, how do I add / delete a user?
As a company administrator, you can add, modify, and delete users for your company using Viewpoint's User Management System. You can also view their usage and export this into a report. Please refer to our Quick reference card for company administrators for more information.
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