How do I license Viewpoint?
You can request a license to Viewpoint via this order form (
For questions about licensing Viewpoint, please contact
Annual licensing fee for Viewpoint
PwC has now transitioned to Viewpoint for all of our thought leadership and technical materials. Inform and CFOdirect are no longer accessible.
In connection with the move to Viewpoint, our licensing model has changed from a purely concurrent license model to a user-based license mode. These changes will take effect at your next normal Inform renewal date. For example, if your normal Inform renewal date was January 2021, you will continue paying Inform rates until your next renewal date of January 2022, after which the Viewpoint fee structure and rates will apply.
Prior to your next renewal date, you will need to choose which users want to continue their Viewpoint license. PwC clients should communicate this information to their PwC engagement partner. Others should use the “Submission Form” tab of the attached “Viewpoint License Submission Form” excel spreadsheet to submit the list of users to transition. If you have already submitted this information, those requests will be applied at your next renewal. If any changes are necessary to your original submission, please contact the US Licensing Team.
Current Viewpoint pricing is as follows:
Incremental price for content license per user
No. of licenses
US Content
(excluding GASB content)
Global/International Content2 (global IFRS content only, no UK)
Canada Content3
UK Content3 (UK GAAP & IFRS for the UK content)
Japan Content4
Inquire with the US Licensing team for pricing.
Subject to change. Pricing based on current exchange rates where applicable.
Total license fees will be impacted by the number and type of licenses so you should carefully assess your license needs. Remember that you can still access all PwC content (excluding the SEC volume) without paying for a license. To help you calculate the Viewpoint fees, see the “Viewpoint Fee Calculator” tab of the “Viewpoint License Submission Form” excel spreadsheet.
1 Requires subscription to US Content
2 Includes IFRS and International Auditing Standards
3. Content incorporates relevant IFRS materials. Subscribers to this content must also license the Global/International content (please note that we will no longer be offering Australia and Netherlands content on Viewpoint).
4 Japan content is in the Japanese language
Disclosure Checklist users
If you hold a license to Disclosure Checklist, you will still be able to access the links to technical content in Viewpoint until your next Inform renewal date. Thereafter, you must have a Viewpoint license to access technical content. Disclosure Checklist users that do not have a license to Viewpoint will still be able to use Disclosure Checklist, but they will not be able to access the links to technical content in Viewpoint.
How do I activate my Viewpoint license?
Registered Inform users will have received an email notification to activate their Viewpoint license from The subject line was "It's time to activate your account on PwC's Viewpoint." If you did not activate Viewpoint then, you can access Viewpoint now using the link at the bottom of the activation email. Click on “request new activation link” to have a new license activation email sent to you. If you did not receive or cannot locate the activation email, please reach out to the US Licensing Team.
New Viewpoint users will receive a welcome email once their license has been activated. The email will include the license details and instructions on how to begin using your license.   
I’m a company administrator for my company, how do I add / delete a user?
As a company administrator, you can add, modify, and delete users for your company using Viewpoint's User Management System. You can also view their usage and export this into a report. Please refer to our Quick reference card for company administrators for more information.

Welcome to Viewpoint, the new platform that replaces Inform. Once you have viewed this piece of content, to ensure you can access the content most relevant to you, please confirm your territory.

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