Accounting changes may arise as part of a spin-off, sale, or business combination. Presentation and disclosure considerations vary depending on the circumstances.

30.10.1 Spin-off or sale of a subsidiary of an SEC-registered reporting entity

Reporting entities sometimes sell or spin-off divisions or subsidiaries. A spin-off is a transaction in which a portion of a reporting entity (e.g., division or subsidiary) becomes a new, separate reporting entity and the shareholders of the original reporting entity receive a pro rata ownership in the spun-off reporting entity.
When a division or subsidiary is preparing its financial statements to facilitate a sale or spin-off, the division or subsidiary usually follows the accounting principles of its parent. When a division or subsidiary is spun-off, it can change to an accounting principle different from that used by its parent, provided that the change is preferable. Such a change in accounting principle should be retrospectively applied in the financial statements.
The spun-off reporting entity must disclose the nature of the change in accounting principle and explain why the newly adopted accounting principle is preferable.
A spun-off reporting entity cannot, however, retrospectively reflect changes in estimates. Such changes should be reflected in the period in which they occur in both the consolidated (if applicable) and spun-off reporting entity's financial statements.

30.10.2 Conforming accounting policies of acquired entities

The need to conform the accounting policies of an entity acquired in a business combination to those of the acquiring reporting entity is discussed in BCG 2.12.
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