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ASC 220-20 provides guidance on the presentation of unusual or infrequently occurring items on the income statement.

ASC 220-20-45-1

A material event or transaction that an entity considers to be of an unusual nature or of a type that indicates infrequency of occurrence or both shall be reported as a separate component of income from continuing operations. The nature and financial effects of each event or transaction shall be presented as a separate component of income from continuing operations or, alternatively, disclosed in notes to financial statements. Gains or losses of a similar nature that are not individually material shall be aggregated. Such items shall not be reported on the face of the income statement net of income taxes. Similarly, the EPS effects of those items shall not be presented on the face of the income statement.

The definitions of “unusual nature” and “infrequency of occurrence” are included in the FASB Codification Master Glossary. “Unusual nature” means that the event possesses a high degree of abnormality and is clearly unrelated to, or only incidentally related to, the ordinary and typical activities of the company. “Infrequent” means that the event should not be reasonably expected to recur in the foreseeable future. Both of those characteristics are, therefore, highly dependent on the environment in which a company operates.
Disclosure of “unusual” amounts, net of applicable income taxes, and their earnings per share effect, net of applicable income taxes, is permissible only in the footnotes. Such footnote disclosure may be desirable for items that affect the comparability of income statements between periods. Reporting entities should not separately disclose the earnings per share effect of inconsequential items and items clearly of an operating nature (e.g., weather-related events, strikes, or start-up expenses).

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