Under IFRS 9, an entity does not need to determine whether embedded derivatives need to be bifurcated from financial assets. The contractual features of the financial asset are assessed as part of the SPPI test, which drives the classification of the instrument as a whole. Under US GAAP, bifurcation of embedded derivatives is required. This can create a significant difference between the models, since under US GAAP only a particular feature may require bifurcation and measurement at fair value through profit or loss, whereas under IFRS 9, the entire instrument may require measurement at fair value through profit or loss.
When the terms of a financial asset involve returns that vary in timing or amounts, the asset should be evaluated to determine if there are any embedded derivatives that should be accounted for separately and measured at fair value through profit or loss.
A financial asset that is within the scope of IFRS 9 is not assessed for embedded derivatives because the SPPI test is applied to the entire hybrid contract to determine the appropriate measurement category. If an entity fails the SPPI test, the entire instrument is measured at FVTPL.
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