ASC 740 requires that the tax effects of changes in tax laws or rates be recognized in the period in which the law is enacted. Those effects, both current and deferred, are reported as part of the tax provision attributable to continuing operations, regardless of the category of income in which the underlying pretax income/expense or asset/liability was or will be reported. This chapter contains illustrative examples of the concepts surrounding changes in tax laws or rates.
Excerpts from ASC 740

ASC 740-10-35-4

Deferred tax liabilities and assets shall be adjusted for the effect of a change in tax laws or rates. A change in tax laws or rates may also require a reevaluation of a valuation allowance for deferred tax assets.

ASC 740-10-45-15

When deferred tax accounts are adjusted as required by paragraph 740-10-35-4 for the effect of a change in tax laws or rates, the effect shall be included in income from continuing operations for the period that includes the enactment date.

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