(Last updated: 10/20/2014)
Financial Statements of Significant Lessees
A triple net lease typically requires the lessee to pay costs normally associated with ownership of the property such as property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance costs. Based on these attributes, the leasing arrangement is similar to a financing arrangement for the lessee. When a registrant has triple net leased one or more real estate properties to a single lessee/tenant (including in the capacity as co-lessee or guarantor), and such properties represent a "significant" portion of the registrant's assets, an investor may need to consider the lessee's financial statements or other financial information in order to evaluate the risk to the registrant from this asset concentration. An asset concentration is generally considered "significant" if it exceeds 20% of the registrant's assets as of its most recent balance sheet.
In circumstances where a registrant acquires a property resulting in a significant asset concentration, the registrant should generally provide full audited financial statements of the lessee or guarantor for the periods required by S-X 3-01 and 3-02 / S-X 8-02 and 8-03. If the lessee is a public company subject to the periodic reporting obligations of the Exchange Act, the registrant may instead include in the filing a statement referring investors to a publicly-available website with the lessee's SEC filed financial information. If a registrant with an asset concentration related to a lessee believes that less detailed financial information is appropriate based on the registrant's particular facts and circumstances or the lessee financial statements are not available, the registrant should consult with CF-OCA on a pre-filing basis.
In an annual report, registrants may provide the lessee financial statements based on the due dates for financial statements of a significant equity method investee under S-X 3-09 by analogy. Refer to Section 2405.72405.11.
Registrants should consider significant asset concentrations when preparing a Securities Act registration statement, or an Exchange Act registration statement, annual report, or current report on Form 8-K filed in connection with a property acquisition. If a registrant acquires a property subject to a triple net lease and there is a rental history, the registrant should apply S-X 3-14 in situations where there is not a significant asset concentration.
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