2710.1 Third party credit enhancements differ from guarantees. A guarantee running directly to the security holder is a security within Section 2(1) of the Securities Act and must be covered by a Securities Act registration statement filed by the guarantor, as issuer. A third party credit enhancement is an agreement between a third party and the issuer or a trustee that does not run directly to the security holders. A party providing credit enhancement generally is not a co-issuer. However, if an investor's return is materially dependent upon the third party credit enhancement, the staff requires additional disclosure about the credit enhancer. The disclosure must provide sufficient information about the third party to permit an investor to determine the ability of the third party to fund the credit enhancement. In most cases, the disclosure of the third party's audited financial statements presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles would be required. Proposed exceptions should be discussed with CF-OCA prior to filing.
2710.2 The staff considers the following factors in assessing the sufficiency of the disclosure in this area:
a. the amount of the credit enhancement in relation to the issuer's income and cash flows;
b. the duration of the credit enhancement;
c. conditions precedent to the application of the credit enhancement; and
d. other factors that indicate a material relationship between the credit enhancer and the purchaser's anticipated return.
2710.3 Financial information of a third party credit enhancement may also be required if an investor is reasonably likely to rely on a material credit enhancement in place for other debt (including nonpublic debt), even though the credit enhancement does not run directly to the debt being registered.
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