4130.1 Questions regarding independence should be directed to OCA. Auditor reports on financial statements that refer to PCAOB standards must comply with the independence rules of both the SEC and the PCAOB. The SEC's independence rules are promulgated in S-X 2-01. The PCAOB has also issued certain independence and ethics rules, which are part of its adopted standards. See https://pcaobus.org/. Compliance with these rules is required to issue a PCAOB opinion.
4130.2 S-X 2-01 is designed to ensure that auditors are qualified and independent both in fact and in appearance. Accordingly, the rule sets forth restrictions, including but not limited to, on financial, employment, and business relationships between an accountant and an audit client and restrictions on an accountant providing certain non-audit services to an audit client. These restrictions are prescribed in paragraphs (c)(1) to (c)(8) of S-X 2-01. The general standard of independence is set forth in S-X 2-01(b). The rule does not purport to, and the SEC could not, consider all the circumstances that raise independence concerns, and these are subject to the general standard in paragraph 2-01(b). In considering this standard, the SEC looks in the first instance to whether a relationship or the provision of a service: (a) creates a mutual or conflicting interest between the accountant and the audit client; (b) places the accountant in the position of auditing his or her own work; (c) results in the accountant acting as management or an employee of the audit client; or (d) places the accountant in a position of being an advocate for the audit client. See also OCA: Application of the Commission’s Rules on Auditor Independence Frequently Asked Questions available here. (Last updated: 10/30/2020)
4130.3 SEC Independence rules also apply to Regulation A, except for Tier 1 offerings where the AICPA independence standards may be applied and Regulation D filings, and when separately audited financial statements of an equity investee is included in a filing under Rule 3-09 of Regulation S-X. [Form 1-A Part F/S and Section O. Other Independence in OCA: Application of the Commission’s Rules on Auditor Independence Frequently Asked Questions.] (Last updated: 10/30/2020)
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