4410.1 Prior to filing, interim financial statements included in quarterly or transition reports on Form 10-Q must be reviewed by an independent registered public accountant using PCAOB standards and procedures for conducting such reviews, as may be modified or supplemented by the SEC. If the company states in any filing, including registration and proxy statements, that interim financial statements have been reviewed by an independent public accountant, a report of the accountant on the review must be filed with the interim financial statements. [S-X 10-01(d)] Otherwise, the report is not required to be included in the filing.
4410.2 If a Form 10-Q that contains a review report on pro forma data or interim financial statements is incorporated by reference into a registration statement, the auditor must acknowledge use of its review report in a letter filed as Exhibit 15 to the registration statement. [S-K 601]
4410.3 If the review was not performed by a registered public accounting firm, the Form 10-Q is considered substantially deficient and not timely filed. In addition, the Form 10-Q must include the following disclosures:
a. Identify the report as deficient;
b. Label the columns of the financial statements as "not reviewed"; and
c. Describe how the registrant will remedy the deficiency.
When the review is completed by a registered accounting firm, the registrant must file an amendment to remove the references to the deficiency and the financial statements as "not reviewed."
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