4820.1 When an accounting firm ceases operations, it may be unable to reissue a prior report or give consent to the use of a prior report. A company should submit a consent waiver request under Regulation C, Rule 437 with CF-OCA if the auditor does not reissue or give consent to the use of its prior report. The guidance in Section 4810.5 regarding consent waiver requests should be followed. If the firm still exists, although it is not practicing public accounting, and has the ability to reissue or give consent to the use its prior report, a waiver may not be granted.
NOTE: The footnote to Interpretation 15 of AI 23 states a firm is considered to have ceased operations when it no longer issues audit opinions either in its own name or in the name of a successor firm. A firm may cease operations with respect to public entities and still issue audit opinions with respect to non-public entities.
4820.2 If the waiver request is granted, certain disclosures should be made in any filings or reports that include the ceased firm's audit report. The predecessor auditor's latest signed and dated report on the financial statements should be reprinted with a legend indicating that the report is a copy of the previously issued report and that the ceased firm has not reissued the report. [AI 23.65]
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