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Disclosures required by ASC 275 are not mutually exclusive with those required by other US GAAP, as many of the requirements are similar to or overlap with other required disclosures. In addition, certain disclosure requirements in ASC 275 supplement the requirements of other authoritative pronouncements. While there are many pieces of accounting guidance that address disclosures of risks and uncertainties, the following topics are specifically referenced by ASC 275.

24.4.1 ASC 450, Contingencies

ASC 450 requires the disclosure of loss contingencies as discussed in FSP 23. ASC 275 does not change those requirements but supplements them. For example, ASC 450 does not differentiate between near- and long-term contingencies. Therefore, if an estimate within the scope of ASC 450 meets the criteria for disclosure under ASC 275 as discussed in FSP 24.3.3, the reporting entity should also disclose that it is at least reasonably possible that a change in the estimate will occur in the near term.
In addition, estimates that do not require disclosure in accordance with ASC 450 should be assessed under ASC 275. For example, estimates associated with long-term operating assets and amounts reported under profitable long-term contracts that are not within the scope of ASC 450 should be considered for disclosure under ASC 275. Disclosures related to the estimate of gain on a contract accounted for under the percentage-of-completion method would not be within the scope of ASC 450, but may meet the criteria discussed in FSP 24.3.3 above.

24.4.2 ASC 360, Property, Plant, and Equipment

The disclosure requirements of ASC 275 are applicable to potential near-term impairments of long-lived assets accounted for under ASC 360. ASC 360 includes examples of events or changes in circumstances that indicate when the carrying amount of such assets may not be recoverable. However, a reporting entity should not base its conclusion on the need for disclosure on the outcome of an impairment test performed under ASC 360. Disclosure may be required under ASC 275 even if a reporting entity concludes that an impairment charge is not required. See FSP 8 for further discussion.

24.4.3 ASC 280, Segment Reporting

Disclosure of some concentrations, such as assets or operations located outside the reporting entity’s home country, may be made to comply with ASC 280. Such disclosures need not be repeated to comply with ASC 275 and may be combined with segment footnote disclosures. See FSP 25 for further discussion.

24.4.4 ASC 825, Financial Instruments

Disclosures of the concentration of credit risks and other financial instruments are not required under ASC 275. However, disclosure of these concentrations may be required pursuant to ASC 825. See FSP 20 for further discussion.

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